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having a good url is the #1 way to trick people into thinking ur a good blog

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i jokingly put a bottle of tequila in my lunch 4 tomorrow and my uncle was like “what are u doing” and I told him I was gonna need some motivation for calculus and he’s like “in that case” and hands me a bottle of vodka too thanks 4 the help

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"my baby" i say in regards to someone that is older than me and over half a fuckin foot taller than i am

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Guyliner, in case the word eye is too feminine for you

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Hogwarts vs Camp Half-Blood Part 1 Hogwarts: we want to protect the children, so nobody under the age of seventeen may fight in the war
Camp Half-Blood: lol ur 12 yrs old? here have ur armor, ur helmet, take any weapon u want & make ur godly parent proud u little disappointment lol
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